Backpack Locks

4 Best Portable Security Devices For Travelers

For travelers, being able to secure your things is of utmost importance. Indeed, as noted by the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) about safety and traveling, “Travelers may not have access to networks of friends and family to assist them.” And also, “Local government responses to problems may be different from what US residents expect, or an effective local government may not exist to respond at all.”

Whether or not those important items are a passport, credit card, laptop or keepsakes, here are the four best portable security devices for travelers to consider.

#1 Door Locks

Door Locks

If you are planning to reside in a hostel, or in lodgings abroad, make sure that you carry a door lock of your own. Trust me, I’m not being skeptical. I have read a lot of people complaining about their stuff being missing when they weren’t in the lodge. In my honest opinion, if you are visiting any place which is not a first world country, chances are that you just might not find the kind of stay you are looking for. In order to adjust, you’ll have to go to some shady place where you’ll need that door lock.

#2 Backpack Locks

Backpack Locks

If you are staying in a hostel, or a place that allows you to live out of a backpack, backpack locks are suitable for being portable and secure for travelers living “light.” Planning on backpacking Europe or South America?

If the answer is yes, then the use of a backpack lock, which is comparable to a portable safe can come in many different sizes. Many backpack locks come with a carrying case when you are not traveling. Some backpack locks are made of materials like stainless steel.

#3 Door Stop Alarm

Door Stop Alarm

These days, travelers need to be aware when someone has tried to get into their domicile while traveling on the road. Doorstop alarms are one of the best portable security devices because they’re easy to transport and alert you to someone who has tried to enter, unauthorized. The loudness of this doorstop can be 120 decibels, which is loud enough to alert you from another room.

Choosing a door stop alarm with an on and off switch to save on battery life is important when you travel from motel to motel as you view some of the best areas of the world while traveling. A door stop alarm with a low battery indicator is also a good selling point, so you are not caught in a predicament by having a dead battery. And if lockup services are hard to find, these four options are worth considering.

#4 Hidden Pocket Undershirt

Hidden Pocket Undershirt

If you are in need of extra pockets while traveling by backpack or generally roughing it in areas of the world that you don’t know well, the hidden pocket undershirt is one to wear. As one of the best portable security devices, these unisex undershirts are designed to keep the pickpockets away. As noted by a source, one-third of all travel insurance claims are for stolen or lost possessions.

In conclusion, choosing one of these four portable security devices is important for many reasons, but the big one is peace of mind.