How Vertical Compactors Help in Waste Management

A vertical compactor or baler is an example of an essential equipment one can invest in. Regardless of the kind of business, you do, or your industry, vertical compactors will enhance your efficiency and reduce the waste output. This usually has a significant effect in lowering the transport and waste management costs.


Vertical Compactor Designs

Vertical balers come in two designs: vertical downstroke balers and vertical upstroke balers. The upstroke balers are ideal for applications in which a permanent fixture is acceptable on the premises. Downstroke Balers are suited for applications where one requires the functionality of the upstroke baler without using a lot of space. No matter the design you choose, you will realize that vertical balers can handle a broad range of materials since they are versatile.


A vertical downstroke baler has an opening where you can introduce the material you would like to process. The hopper allows hands-free loading in different balers. They also have a ram that is responsible for pushing materials downwards into a compression chamber. If enough material is pushed into the chamber and then compacted, you will get a bale that has been compressed to a certain density.


The bale sizes vary depending on the standard specifications in the industry and your preferences. Most vertical compactor companies have compactors and a line of balers with different models to suit different applications. Depending on the materials to be compacted and the design of the baler, the compactor can produce bales weighing hundreds of pounds to a thousand pounds.


Types of Materials for Compacting

Materials that can be compressed by a vertical compactor include scrap metal, plastic, and paper. This is recyclable materials produced by almost every type of business in different industries such as food service, manufacturing, retail, agriculture, medical and construction. These businesses produce large amounts of wastes regularly, and the cost of handling the waste traditionally is costly. By investing in a vertical compactor, you can reduce the waste volume considerably. The bales produced can be handled with more ease. Even the cost you will incur while transporting the waste will reduce significantly because the bales are in smaller sizes.



Management and recycling of waste tend to be a challenging aspect of any business. Every company needs to come up with a way of dealing with waste efficiently without endangering the health of the workers and the public or harming the environment. Reducing the cost of waste management is also important, and that’s why every business should consider investing in a vertical compactor. Even though it may be costly at first, the compaction equipment will help in decreasing the costs of managing. There are additional resources available at Rotobale Compaction – EMD.

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