5 Best Tips for Choosing Wood Flooring For Your New Home

When you are looking to make an improvement to your home, one great option to consider with me to have hardwood floors installed. When you are looking for hardwood floors for your home, there are many different options to choose from and decisions that need to be made. There are six tips, in particular, that should be followed that could help you to choose the best hardwood floors for your home.

1. Solid vs Engineered

Solid wood for flooring
When you are looking for hardwood flooring, you first will need to decide whether you want a solid or engineered hardwood floor. Solid hardwood is made 100% or natural hardwood while engineered has a hardwood top that is then bonded with other more durable materials. Solid floors are more natural and look great when in good condition but engineered floors can be more durable.

2. Determine Finishing Location

Wood Finishing Location
Before hardwood flooring can be fully used in your home, it will need to be properly finished. When you are looking to finish your hardwood floor, it can either be done offsite or at your home when installed.

When it is done offsite, finishing can be done more efficiently so the final cost is more affordable. However, when it is done onsite the look may be more cohesive and balanced, which will improve the overall appearance of your hardwood floors.

3. Carefully Consider Wood Choices

Wood Choices
One of the biggest decisions you will have to make when you are having hardwood flooring installed is choosing the type of wood that you want. Today, some of the most common types of wood provide by companies such as Fuse Flooring include maple, cherry, oak, and walnut.

However, bamboo, ash, and mahogany are also popular and have different benefits. You should carefully consider all of your options to determine which color, style, and benefits best suit what you are looking for.

3. Prepare Space Ahead of Time

Prepare Space Ahead of Time
When you are going to have hardwood flooring installed, you should try to prepare the space ahead of time as much as possible. Much of the cost of hardwood flooring is labor so the more work you can do, the less you will have to spend out of pocket. Some things you could do on your own can include removing all furniture, pulling old carpet, and even removing old baseboards.

4. Plank Width

Depending on the style that you are looking for, plank width is also a very important consideration when choosing hardwood floors. Hardwood floor planks frequently range from three to five inches in width. However, it is now common to get planks that are greater than eight inches in length. Wider planks can look more elegant in any room of your home, but the investment cost will always be higher.

5. Consider Maintenance Needs

wood flooring

Whenever you are choosing wood floors, you should also consider your ongoing maintenance needs. If the wood floors are not fully sealed and protected, it could require more care from you Because of this, you should make sure you pick a wood that has maintenance needs that you can handle to ensure they look good for years to come.

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